NKP Spinal Chord Injury Recovery Program (26 Sessions)


This program is geared to people who suffer cervical, thoracic or/and lumbar spinal injuries, who have a complete or partial injury. The objective is to make a neurokinetic assessment, then develop a global goal specific to the patient, and develop until he or she achieves the goal. Working through the NKP technique, a patient tries to restore mobility for lower levels of an injury while strengthening the levels where the injury is specifically found.

The base of the Spinal Cord Injury Program was developed through a program at the Catholic University of Maule (2005), replicated in Mexico (in San Miguel de Allende), and then subsequently established in Hawaii (Maui) by Alejandra Monsalve. The program is supervised by Alejandra and executed by Sarah Callaham, our Neurokinetic Spinal Cord Injury instructor.

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