The essential concept to NKP is neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change itself. NKP (Neuro Kinetic Pilates Hawaii) brings the body into a state of harmony and synchronicity by creating new connections in the nervous system and the brain through a series of exercises that follow the progression of motor development. NKP looks at global postural alignment of a client, from a beginning position of movement to what surrounds him/her as the awareness of how the body is moving, not only by itself but also in relation to the surroundings such as the client’s unique environment, is essential for improving the functions.

Pilates HawaiiAlso, looking at a client’s body as whole is important. Rather than looking at individual muscles, NKP focuses on muscular chains, the connections of muscles that are used as a group when completing an action. Because our nervous system controls our emotional functions as well as physical functions, NKP works on emotional connectivity through exercises as well by developing healthy neurological connections in the body to bring a healthy emotional state.

NKP can benefit people from all walks of life. It creates stabilization and synchronicity in the body so that people suffering from chronic pain, recovering from sports injuries, engaging in high performance training, or wanting to maintain a healthy body can begin to move effectively and experience relief by resolving compensations in postural and movement patterns. Furthermore, as NKP works on developing new neural pathways, it has been found effective for people with spinal cord injuries to recover some of their functions.

While it takes about two months for the brain to create a new cerebral mapping, clients already start to feel real changes after just one session of practicing NKP.

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Dear Alejandra and Kazuko:

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate your professional and thoroughly successful assistance in keeping this 76 year old body healthy and active. The two of you make an excellent team as both have extraordinary skills in analyzing physical problems and then applying remedies that bring the body into a healthy state.

As you know, I am very active with physical training, cycling, kite surfing and surfing. These activities can take their toll on the body. I believe that I could not function in these activities at the level of output that I enjoy without your strengthening and recovery techniques. Please know that I truly appreciate your dedication to the scientific approach to health.

Pete Siracusa

Pete Siracusa

Neurokinetic Fitness Client

Although I have worked with many therapists and athletic trainers throughout my ski racing career, none have impacted my body awareness like Alejandra. She is so knowledgable about muscles, nerves, and connections within the body, and really opened my eyes to the importance of these connections. Working with Alejandra is very challenging and rewarding, and I strive to bring the awareness she has blessed me with into my everyday life–from simple (walking) to complex activities (ski racing). I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I truly hope I can continue to do so…Alejandra has such a fresh perspective and can work magic on the human body like no one I have seen before. Thanks Alejandra!!!

Laurenne Ross .
USA Sky team and Profesional Athlete

Laurenne Ross

NKP High Performance Athlete Program, US SKI TEAM

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