First Visit Evaluation

Alejandra Monsalve – $200
Kazuko Boeker – $160

We will provide a full assessment of your body, discuss your goals and guide you through a program recommendation.

Neurokinetic Pilates™ Sessions

Alejandra and her trained instructors will support in your progression towards your goals through personal private sessions. Pricing is specific to your program.

Neurokinetic Release™ Sessions

Neurokinetic Release™ complements your Neurokinetic Pilates™ program by completely integrating your progression towards your goals. Your instructors and practitioner align their treatments according to your custom needs.



Clients requesting observation for another professional are charged $50 per session.

Fitness Program

This program is geared to guide clients to health and movement, looking for elasticity and elongation, by training muscles in a conscious and controlled form. Each session is for 50 minutes by Master Teacher and 60 minutes by an instructor, where diverse tools including Pilates machines such as Reformer, Cadillac, Magic Circle, Pilates Ball, CoreAlign and Foam Roller are used.

Injury Support Program

This program is geared to people with different pathologies at a cervical area, a lumbar area, hips, and knees, among others. An individualized program of exercises is combined with massage therapy to relieve pains caused by the pathology. Each session is individualized and carried out by a NKP insturctors certified in the NKP technique.

High Performance Athlete Program

This program is designed to maximize an athlete’s potential and to lift her game to new levels of performance. This program is reserved for Olympic or Professional level athletes.

The program is supervised by Alejandra and executed by Justin St. John, our Neurokinetic High Performance Athlete Program instructor.

For best results, we highly recommend 2 sessions a day, 5 days a week for at least 2 weeks.

Spinal Cord Injury Program

This program is geared to people who suffer cervical, thoracic or/and lumbar spinal injuries, who have a complete or partial injury. The objective is to make a neurokinetic assessment, then develop a global goal specific to the patient, and develop until he or she achieves the goal. Working through the NKP technique, a patient tries to restore mobility for lower levels of an injury while strengthening the levels where the injury is specifically found.

The base of the Spinal Cord Injury Program was developed through a program at the Catholic University of Maule (2005), replicated in Mexico (in San Miguel de Allende), and then subsequently established in Hawaii (Maui) by Alejandra Monsalve. The program is supervised by Alejandra and executed by Justin St. John, our Neurokinetic Spinal Cord Injury instructor.

For best results, we highly recommend 2 sessions a day, 5 days a week for 4-6 weeks.

Prenancy Program

This program is prepared especially for pregnant women to perform controlled training that will help her in a pre- and postnatal process to keep the muscles and tissues in an optimal condition as well as providing an excellent preparation for the moment of giving birth to a baby.

Early Childhood Program

The therapy focuses on the management and stimulation of infants and children with neurological problems or with delayed psychomotor development to improve their physical and cognitive abilities. Through the application of NKP technique, we create a creative and playful program, in which we seek to induce the interest of the child to an object through play and fun, achieving their attention and consequently meeting the objectives for improvement.

TRX Training Program

TRX Training draws on leading-edge research and best practices from the military, pro sports, and academic institutions coupled with our seasoned team’s experience working with thousands of athletes, coaches, trainers, first responders, subject matter experts, professors, and service members in all branches. As new discoveries evolve in the training space, TRX Training will incorporate these emerging best practices. The following core values give an overview of what TRX Training is today.

TRX certified NKP instructor offers TRX classes outside in nature. He follows NKP method.

Neurokinetic Release

Various therapists combine their diverse training and gifts in to a body work program designed to complement the Neurokinetic Programs by integrating body functions.